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Do I need to have an Antivirus on my computer? Which one is the best?

Why is it important to have an Antivirus?

Although many people think that not having an antivirus installed on their computer is considered acceptable, it is far from acceptable. In fact any computer, laptop and in general devices that have access to the internet are vulnerable to attacks and data theft. So all these devices need some kind of security and protection. And this is where antivirus comes in handy and helps us to be relaxed and carefree, knowing that all our files, personal information and passwords will stay safe.

My computer has Windows Defender. I am covered!

Every Windows computer does have Microsoft Defender pre-installed. Microsoft Defender is a kind of antivirus that covers us in several cases. Many times we may even see a message from the same that warns us of some dangers. However, according to research, Windows Defender is not always reliable! It has been found that it often fails to detect all the threats or viruses that try to enter our system. We would in no way want to risk our data because Microsoft Defender did not detect the threat. So it is therefore wise for all of us to have an additional antivirus software to keep us covered from everywhere.

There are so many Antivirus. Which one should I choose?

So the question is clear. Out of the hundreds of antivirus software available, which is the best? First of all, let’s make it clear that the free antivirus that are out there are not the best possible choice and it would be better to choose a reputable paid antivirus, if of course you can afford it. So we have prepared for you the 5 best antivirus along with their pros and cons. See them summarized by clicking here.

In conclusion.

A good antivirus is essential for all of us! Data theft and attacks by hackers have increased like nothing else. Let’s prevent the worst that can happen in this virtual world we now live in with a good choice of antivirus software. That way we will be relaxed and not have to worry about online fraud.