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First impressions can make a difference.

When someone discovers you for the first time, their first impressions will undoubtedly come from the appearance of your brand. Certainly, they will see how professional and aesthetically appealing your logo is and, in general, they will spot elements that are visible at first glance, namely your graphic design. Staga will help you to shape your logo and graphics so that you will steal your visitors’ impressions!

Maintaining a good image of your business.

No matter how beautiful or attractive a logo may be, learning more about your business will always make a potential customer feel that it is important how satisfied they are with the overall services you offer. However, complacency is not an option, as developments are rapid and the good name you have built can gradually fade away. This is why a quality graphic design work from the start and its subsequent modifications contribute to maintaining your credibility and image.


What is included in our graphic design services.

Logo Design

One of the most important parts of your brand is your logo. Customers associate your logo with whether they are satisfied with you, and with a good logo the chances of leaving a positive impression are high. Whether you already have one or want to make a new one, we provide you with a high quality logo from our experienced graphic designers.

Website graphics

Websites need constant updating with new, modern and original graphics and banners that attract the eyes of visitors who are tired of seeing the same designs everywhere. That's why we create "fresh" graphic ideas that have never been used before and will add a touch of uniqueness to your website or eShop.

Business Cards

Business cards are like the identity of your business and the way for a client interested in your services to find you. We are able to undertake the design for your business cards according to your aesthetic. The design can be modern or more classic and a QR code can be added for a quick scan with a smartphone.

Promotional Assets

We also create advertising banners for use in social media as posts, stories, as well as for use in ad campaigns such as AdSense and Meta, which require this type of graphics. Of course these are made in a way to attract people to what you are advertising as well as pushing users to complete a specific action.


Answers to some of your questions.

What happens if I don't like the end result?

If you don't like the final result of a logo or other graphic we created for you, don't hesitate to tell us! We will make the necessary changes to achieve the result that will fully satisfy you.

What happens to the files you give me? Are they my property?
I need something very specific. Can you provide me with it?

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