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Management & Maintenance

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Whether you created your website/eShop with Staga or from elsewhere, new needs constantly arise for its maintenance and if we are talking about an online store for the management of products, stock and other operations. We provide you with full management for the above as well as maintenance of website features that already exist and need upgrades or changes.

Why is website or eShop maintenance important?

Having good management means that the moment you need help, someone will be there to give you the solution. In addition, it means that instead of trying to figure out how your website or eShop works on your own, you can always have someone who knows exactly what you need and when you need it! So instead of spending endless hours on this, you can trust Staga’s Management and Maintenance so you can focus on more important areas of your business like better customer service.

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What is included in management & maintenance.


Upgrades of a website, especially if we are talking about an eShop, are very important to keep it running smoothly and safely. These include software updates to the site as well as plugin upgrades that give us the latest features. When these upgrades are not carried out regularly, your website becomes slow and some dynamic parts of it lose functionality.

Content Modifications

Modifications to the content, texts, images and multimedia are necessary and need to be done quite regularly. Sometimes existing content may be considered outdated and may need to be changed or further information may need to be added. When you point out the need for such changes to us, we implement them immediately.

Regular Backups

A key question that often arises is: What happens if something suddenly breaks and the site doesn't work or if users can't access it because of a bug? At Staga we offer the possibility for regular backups so that if something goes wrong we always have all the latest website or eShop files. This way they are never lost and the site is back up and running immediately.

Integration of Features

In addition to changes to previous content, maintenance includes adding new functionalities that your site was previously unable to perform. This may include the integration of new plugins or new code to accomplish new procedures that you want to implement, appropriate for your business and activity.


Answers to some of your questions.

Is there a cost for managing my website?

Yes, there is a monthly fee for the provision of management and maintenance services for your website or eShop. This fee is not fixed and varies from client to client as there are different needs. Included in the agreed fee that we will arrive at with you, is 2 hours of free engagement for any processes your websites need and any additional processes that you may wish. If further work is required there will be an additional charge, but always agreed with you in advance.

If I choose the management service, does that mean you will solve all my problems that arise?
How can I contact you about issues that arise or changes I need?

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