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eShop Design.

Do you want to sell beyond the shop window?

Now it is done. Selling products and services has never been easier. Whether you have a physical store or not, having an online presence with an online store is essential to increase your business performance. Learn more below.

Why is it important to have an eShop?

Nowadays it is essential for someone who sells products or services to have an online store. This is not just because they will receive additional orders, but they may receive even more orders than in a physical store. Statistically, the highest volume of sales worldwide is done online and this leads to the need to have an eShop. But surely the eShop must also be properly structured and attractive. By choosing to create your eShop with us, you will have a better chance of increasing both your customers and sales instantly.

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What is included in eShop construction.

Design of store pages.

It includes the construction of pages that each eShop has as well as additional pages according to your needs.

Business emails.

Includes the creation of business e-mails of your choice with your domain extension.

Banking connections.

It includes the connection to the plugin or code interface of the bank of your choice.

Connections with courier.

It includes the connection with the transport company you have chosen and the voucher issuing functions.

Product combinations and characteristics.

It includes the creation of products with size, color and other attributes options.

Inventory management.

Includes the addition of a warehouse with the ability to manage product quantities.

Product import.

Includes importing your products if you already have them, from a file or database.

Responsive on all screens.

Includes settings to make the website responsive for all screen sizes and devices.

Link to Google & Facebook tools

It includes the integration of well-known tools such as Adwords, Pixel, Live Chat, Adsense, Analytics and others.

eShop security and protection.

Includes the addition of a plugin to protect against attacks by unauthorized persons.

SEO for search engines.

It involves the settings of the keywords for better search engine rankings.

eShop administration training.

It includes the training we provide you after the completion of the project to manage the eShop.


Answers to some of your questions.

What is the difference between an eShop and a website?

The main difference between a website and an eShop is that the latter enables users to buy physical products or services directly through the website itself. A website usually provides information to users about services provided or for some other purpose. An eShop works in a similar way but at the same time provides product storage facilities, stock management, payment methods and a system for accepting orders from users. In other words, an eShop has more shopping and sales features but is itself a type of website. If you are wondering what you should choose, contact us for your information as each type serves different purposes.

How long will I have to wait to receive my eShop?
What is the cost of building an eShop?
How will I manage my online store?
Can I manage my orders from my mobile phone?
After the project is completed, does the eShop belong to me?
Is it possible to have additional functions in the eShop?
Do you also provide free business email?

Online stores that we have built.


eShop construction for the retail business eOfficeStore.


eShop construction for the retail business eOfficeStore.


eShop construction for the jewelry business GreyWhiskerz.


eShop construction for the jewelry business GreyWhiskerz.


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