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What is website Hosting?

Definition of Hosting.

If you’ve heard the term “Website Hosting” but don’t know its meaning, you’re not alone. That’s why in this article we’ll see what it’s all about. The term hosting is also known as website hosting and refers to the server that “hosts” a website or online store. In fact, all user requests, the pages they search on a website, are served through a server. So when someone enters the address of a website, at that moment he makes a request to a remote server and the server consequently returns the stored files that the owner of the website has specified. This also means that if for some reason the server is not working, the website one is looking for is not working either.

How to choose Hosting?

If you have a website or an eShop and you wish to publish it on the internet, it is necessary to have hosting. The process of connecting the website to the server can be quite complicated even for someone who has some technological knowledge. However, we at Staga provide you with an easy integration with our own servers. So, within just a few hours, your website is connected to the hosting. All of this at Staga is done by us, so you won’t have to worry about anything. Of course there are many other options online to choose hosting.

How much does Hosting cost?

The cost of the server is dependent on the resources your website/eShop needs. One factor that affects the cost is the traffic you are getting on the website. The higher the traffic each day, the better hosting you need. On average it can cost from 100€ to 300€ per year, depending on the size of your website.

In a few words.

Hosting is the server on which our website is based, whether we are talking about a simple website or an eShop. It is important to choose a fast and reliable server to provide customers visiting our website with the best experience, but also to ensure that our website is always online. If you want to know more information you can contact us by clicking here.