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Terms of Use

Here are the terms of use of our services and our website. Please read all terms carefully before using our website and if you choose to do business with us. Last update of terms of use: 02/02/2024

Acceptance of the terms of use.

By using this website, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions listed below. If you do not agree to either part or all of the terms of use, it is not possible to use our website and the services we provide. It is the sole personal responsibility of each user to be fully informed and in compliance with the terms of use before taking any further action on the website.

Modification to the terms of use.

We reserve the right to make changes to the terms of use at any time. It is the responsibility of each user to be aware of the latest changes to the terms of use as displayed on this page.

Accuracy of website information.

The content of the website and the information presented in its entirety is the result of our best efforts to provide real and objective information. However, we cannot be held responsible for any errors and inaccuracies that may be found on our website due to technical error or subjective formulation. Each user has the obligation to exercise his or her own critical faculty for any information presented to him or her.

Website availability.

Our website is permanently operational and is accessible worldwide from any kind of desktop or mobile device with internet access. On rare occasions, our website may be in maintenance mode if we deem it necessary due to upgrading or restructuring for a better user experience. Also, the website may at certain times be inaccessible if there has been a problem with our server due to heavy workload from user requests or for some other technical reason. In these cases, access to the website may be limited or unavailable for a period of time. Although these cases are rare, in no case can we guarantee that the website will be available at all times, purely due to unforeseen factors.

Links found on the website.

When using our website you will come into various links, which are provided for your convenience and for easy access to other content on the site. These links may be in the form of a button, may have no formatting at all or may not always be visible. At the same time, there are also some links that lead outside our website. We are not responsible for the content that appears on external websites, even if your original navigation was in our website. Full responsibility for the content of any external website rests with the owner of that website and you have the full responsibility and obligation to read and comply with the terms of use provided accordingly.

Images and multimedia.

Throughout our website you will find images and multimedia in order to provide you with the best possible navigation experience. Several of the images and multimedia used are owned by us and we have full permission to use them. Any other images and multimedia you come across belong to third party websites that have licensed them to us.

Website security.

We are constantly adopting measures to ensure your safe browsing of our website. Our website has a secure connection, SSL certificate and a system to prevent possible attacks by unauthorized persons. However, these security measures do not guarantee in every particular case the repulsion of an electronic attack. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that any user of the website may suffer, bearing in mind that the Internet is full of risks that cannot always be prevented and could occur on any website at any time. Each user is responsible for their own safety and uses the website at their own sole risk.

Copying website content.

It is not allowed for any reason and in any case the copying of the content of our website in all available formats. It is also prohibited to download our images, our logo, our text and other multimedia and to use them outside the context of our website. Any use of our logo or other content belonging to us as well as any attempt to deceive users is expressly prohibited and we have every right, in the event that this occurs, to terminate your access to our website and to take legal action for any damage to our services and/or our reputation. All content on the website belongs exclusively to us and you have no right to copy some or all of its content. However, you have every right to promote the website to others using the link provided in the website address.

Personal Data.

In various parts of our website, there are functions that require the input of some of your personal data to contribute to a better user experience and to complete certain procedures. By entering these details you automatically consent to the processing and storage of your data for your convenience only. We will never forward your data to third parties nor will we ever use it for any dishonest purpose. However, in the event of an attack on the security of the website by unauthorized persons with malicious intent, the security of your data cannot be guaranteed in all cases. Therefore, each user of the website is solely responsible for providing us with their personal data and we are not responsible for any theft or leakage of data by unauthorised individuals or hackers who seek to harm both us and you.


Staga provides various services to its customers. Some of them are: website development, eShop development, website management, advertising, SEO settings, logo design and others. All of these services are provided after communicating with you and after we come up with a solution and pricing that is mutually acceptable to both us and you. In order to ensure our protection and to prevent cases of exploitation towards us, a deposit will always be agreed upon by the client before undertaking a project. No option for a refund is provided in the event that we have already commenced work on the services you have requested. Nevertheless, if you wish to terminate our cooperation, depending on the costs we have already spent on our work and other procedures, a part of the amount will be calculated and refunded to you. This applies in case the work is not placed towards the end and only up to 15 days after the initial payment. While a specific deadline for delivery of the project may be agreed initially, there may be delays that are beyond our control. In these rare cases, the delivery date of the completed project may be postponed with little delay, but with full notification of both the delay and the reasons for it.