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Advertisement & Promotion

Do you want to reach new customers?

Promoting your business through advertising and social media is an important way to ensure you increase your customer base. Additional people you might not otherwise reach can now learn about you from the comfort of their own homes.

Why is it important to advertise?

Placing ads on social networks and search engines is the most direct way for your business to draw attention to its products or services. Due to the increasing use of digital devices and social networks, most of the customers come from targeted ads with the right content and for the right audience. By choosing to advertise with Staga, you too will be promoted at the right time and to the right group of people.

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What is included in advertisement & promotion.

Finding a suitable platform and target.

It involves choosing the platform that is suitable for the ads you want to promote. It also includes choosing a target for your ads that will serve you best.

Choice of audience and geographical area.

It includes campaign options that we will set up based on who you want to reach and in which regions or countries your ad will be shown. The options are truly limitless.

Adding keywords to SEO.

It includes setting up the SEO of your website by adding appropriate keywords to appear higher in search engines. This way, you achieve an increase in traffic in an organic way.

Configuration based on statistics.

It includes all the changes needed to be made for the greatest success of an ad. Statistics of a certain period of time will reveal whether the advertisement in question has potential.​


Solutions for every advertising target.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Google's campaign ads are among the most popular and have a great deal of momentum in your marketing efforts. They are ideal for increasing traffic if you provide services or sell products through a website.

Meta Ads

Meta Ads

Meta's network includes advertising on the social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram. The massive number of users on these apps on an hourly and daily basis makes Meta ads an ideal choice.

TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads

TikTok is a widespread social network and advertising through it allows you to achieve your campaign goals. The platform's revolutionary algorithm helps you reach the right groups of users.

Get first in searches with a strong SEO.

Apart from advertising, which undoubtedly helps a lot in promoting your business, having a strong SEO also plays an important role. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) shows how high in the search engines your own website appears. With the right setup and the right keywords, you can be at the top of the searches.


Answers to some of your questions.

What is the cost of advertising?

The cost to advertise depends on several factors such as: your goal, the platform you choose and your budget. There is a campaign and ad setup cost which is variable and is payable to Staga. In addition to this cost you choose an amount you want to spend on your advertising and this is payable to the platform you choose. For example someone can choose to spend 5€ each day on an ad while someone else can choose to spend 50€ each day. This of course means that the results will also be corresponding to the money you spend. The more you give, the better the result will usually be, but this is not a rule.

When will the results of the advertising start to be visible?
How will I see the progress of my campaign?

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